Welcome Thread ... say hello!


Hello there!

I’m k0pernicus, a French Rust, Ocaml and Python developer.
I contributed a few times to Redox-OS in 2015 and 2016 - I am interested in Machine Learning, Compilers and Operating Systems.
I hope that my help will be useful to the community - personaly, one of my new year’s resolution is to contribute a lot to Redox, and help to make the better OS that is possible :slight_smile:

See you!



I’m Daan. I am reading through the book as a in between assignments job. It looks nice. My rust is hardly there but I like to learn new languages once in a while over the last twenty years 50% of my time went into java and related stuff.

one question: the books speaks of ‘pick the icon with Na on it’. I can not find it. The editor I can find is visual and has no vi like interface. I ran from source in qemu. Any clue for the clueless?

two question: any known installations of production machines known yet (I’m not through the book yet so kick me if it is in there)?


Good evening,

I’m drheart. I intend on using and improving Redox to work on a homebuilt cellphone. My platform is based on the Intel Compute Stick, so no ARM porting will be necessary, but I’ll need to do loads of driver work. It’s not my first foray into OS-level development, and it certainly won’t be my last.

  1. Na is sodium on the periodic table which refers to this https://github.com/redox-os/sodium


Hello !

I’m Sanjay, I was wrapping my head around Linux From Scratch when I heard of this project, and have since decided to shift my learning to this project.

I’m into systems research and have experience in programming GPUs. I’ve also been learning Rust and have slowly learned to appreciate its design. I’m looking forward to contributing to concurrency in the kernel and I’d be enthusiastic to speak to the developers working in this aspect of the kernel.

Thank You !


Hi, I am José, last year I worked porting newlib and pthread-emb to a new FPGA architecture based on MIPS (University job). Part of this work consisted in modifying a kernel to provide enough functionality for newlib and pthread-emb libraries to work.

If you need help supporting pthreads.h in redox I would be glad to help.


That would be awesome! If you want to be part of our developer chat, send me an email at info@redox-os.org

Redox supports a subset of clone and futex, so it should be possible to port pthreads.


Hi there! I’m Clint. I met Jeremy Soller today at the SoCal Linux Expo and he got me all excited about Redox. I just submitted my first PR (to a bash script, doh). Anyway, I’ve written one thing in Rust so far, it’s called ‘rustygear’ and it’s a port of gearmand to Rust. https://github.com/SpamapS/rustygear. I hope to be able to add a bit to Redox, though I have 4 kids and a demanding job at IBM, so spare time for hacking is rare. :slight_smile:


my name is Nicola, an italian software engineer, i’m interested in Operating System from 1996. In the past i wrote some Linux driver, in these days i develop/embedded for mobile (native or with Qt) . My interest is also in web backend (and a bit of front-end). I hope can help this project.


I’m Steven (or Jack) and I’m a developer with my ms/bs in computer science but I’ve been doing web development for the past 10 years or so and I’m really looking to get back into the nitty-gritty fun things and Redox has just re-sparked my flame. I look forward to contributing in about any capacity and am super stoked.


Hi, I’m Daylen and have been interested in Redox for some time. I really want to contribute but have been a bit intimidated since I haven’t contributed to a project before. I hope that I will be of some use!


Hey all, new user here generally interested in computers :slight_smile:


Hey im Laurence. I’ve been watching this project for a while. I’m hoping to help with my (limited) rust skills.



I’m insidious, a University student studying Computer Science (currently in my second year) interested in all things Open Source (and most recently Redox, apparently).

I heard about Rust a while ago, have always wanted to contribute but was never sure how to jump in. I’ve been researching OS dev for a while, have taken the OS class at my Uni, so i figured I might as well at least try and jump in (at the very least, I can help with that slick Hugo site you guys have going ;-)).

My interests lie with Decentralized Application Development/Cryptocurrencies, Systems Programming, Cybersec/Networking, Artificial Intelligence, Web Development (only because it makes me money…) and some blogging.

Hope to see you all around!



Hi everyone!

A few days ago I watched Bryan Lunduke’s interview with Jeremy, and it inspired me to actually try out Redox (I had heard of it and looked at screenshots before, but no more than that). I had to wait a day to get a nightly that wouldn’t crash with an ICE when compiling Redox, but after that was out of the way, running Redox was the simplest thing in the world!

I’m a huge Rust fan, and I’m kind of curious about OS / kernel development. Also, package management seems like a very interesting thing. So I hope I will manage to get off my ass and actually contribute to this amazing project. The first step (asking for a mattermost invite) is already done :slight_smile:


Hi, my name is Felix, I’m a former cartography / map designer / GIS and survey technician. I learned C++ during my 3 year training, switched to Rust ~ 3 months ago. I quit my company and now write mapping software using Rust.

I’ve heard about Redox and think that it’s simply the next step after Linux, because any OS written in C will always have the problem of chasing the tail of its own (memory-related) bugs, while Rust development is slower, but has less maintainability cost. I am familiar with OpenGL / a bit of game programming and would help to work on the graphics / user input side of things. I can’t say how much I can contribute to the Redox kernel.

I am a Rust fan, hope to contribute soon.


I’m human too. Wow, we have a lot in common ;).


Hi there my name is Jose Narvaez and I’m a Software Engineer mostly doing backend systems in Ruby/Rails and the likes. I’ve been always interested in systems programming (mostly programming languages, parsers, vms and stuff) but never had the chance of writing any production level stuff.
Also C and C++ seemed a bit scary for me, and all of those fears disappeared when I meet Rust few years.

After that I felt in love with Rust and I have been working on a couple of personal projects I decided I wanted to contribute to an interesting project and I remembered I had read somewhere about an entire OS being written in Rust and here I am.

Currently I’m studying on my free time about OS hoping that I can help there. I saw @jackpot51 episode on “Lunduke Hour " and he mentioned the fact that Redox needed some contributors!

I think at this point is redundant to express how cool this project is and all the potential it has! Awesome work being done here!

Looking forward to my first patch!



My name is Thijs, 28yo from Holland.

I just learned from this project from the interview with Brian Lunduke.
Programming is one of the many hobbies I have, which I lack time for. I made some games with C, gamemaker, javascript, and some websites, but that’s a long time ago. I also did a little automation at a previous job 3 years ago. I made some vba for excel that would predict customer orders from a order code. It was pretty fun, and very advanced vba, as far advanced as vba goes.
I began coding at the age of 8 (I think), by typing over some code for normal basic and qbasic on a dos machine. I learned to understand how it worked, and by the age of 10, I could make my own games with basic, self thought. I couldn’t understand any English apart from a few words back then, but I did now how to write a program. 2 years later, I made my own ascii-code based user interface for the dos computer, with .bat shortcuts.
I have no experience with rust, but learn quickly. I hope I can contribute some day, but I think I will only have enough time to look at the code, and learn to understand it.

I really like this project, and will follow it’s development. I wish everyone involved the best of luck.




I’m a bioinformatician, mostly programming in Python and writing automated data analysis workflows with Snakemake. I was interested in programming since a teenager (in the 1990’s), but actually didn’t write more than two small Turbo Pascal programs before learning Python during my PhD (in the mid 2000’s). I installed my first “alternative” OSes in 2004 on a G3 iMac (Debian, Yellowdog, Darwin, OpenBSD, Ubuntu, Gentoo) and stayed with Linux since then (Gentoo, then Funtoo at home, Ubuntu variants at work).

I heard about Rust last year during a job interview. I had mentioned that I wanted to learn Haskell or C/C++ to be able to make faster programs, and one of the interviewers suggested I learn Rust instead. Since then, I’ve started looking at the book, but it didn’t get further than that.

Lately, after being confronted with a few mysterious bugs on my Ubuntu workstation, I’ve been annoyed by my lack of knowledge in operating systems. I started reading “Modern Operating Systems” by Andrew Tannenbaum, read about BSD systems, ended up watching the Haiku and Redox video interviews by Bryan Lunduke, and tried to run Redox in qemu. After a few trials I could get it work this morning, which is encouraging. I haven’t figured out yet how to navigate using the browser (apart from clicking on links), how to ssh to other machines, how to install programs, how to edit files, so I guess I will have to be patient before eventually being able to use it “for real”.

I don’t think I have the skills nor the time to contribute, but I wish Redox a long life will because this project looks interesting. I hope that Redox will eventually be usable on various hardware, including “old” machines (I’m referring to my almost 10 years old Thinkpad T61 here), won’t get bloated, and will keep enough similarity at the user level with other Unix-like systems, so that its potential user base be large.