Welcome Thread ... say hello!


Im still a newbie when it comes to python (more of a powershell guy, actually) but might look at rust eventually, it looks really cool. But i don’t think i would be qualified to even make command line utilities at this point.
Once i know more about programing i would love to assist tho! :slight_smile:


I guessed right, thanks :slight_smile:


Thanks I’ve been reading the book. And am looking forward to contributing where I can.



My name is Richard. I’ve dabbled in this and that over the years. I’ve programmed both personally (30-ish years) and professionally (various gigs). I have limited free time due to work and family so I’ll probably mostly lurk.

I try to learn a new programming language every few years just for fun. Redox seems to be a pretty exciting project so I’ve decided that this time around I’ll be learning Rust to best understand the solutions expressed in the Redox codebase.

I wish you all well in your endeavors.



I’m Liam, I just finished a BS in math. Most of the programming I do is hobby, but I’m really fascinated by computer science and have a love-hate relationship with Rust. Hopefully I can find ways to contribute here.


Hello, I’m a French 22 years old student a 42 (the school). This school is little strange because (in two word) we have not lessons or any deadlines so I have plenty of free time to learn from FOSS projects.
I have already touch some languages like:

  • C -> write a shell / rewrite some part of libstd / rewrite some basic commands (ls/ping/etc)
  • Nodejs/Js -> write some servers / rewrite a mini soundcloud
  • Go -> vcard parser/formater
  • Rust -> I have run the Hello World and copy/pasta a mini kernel with just a boot and a VMA
    Now I want learn rust and all how, OS work precisely (so I just want rewrite one) and improve my shitty english. Redox look like perfect for this and I really want to take part of this beautiful project.

So Redox will be my next full time hobby for the next months (I hope) so see you around a PR. :slight_smile:


Hi all!,

I’m Tyson. CompSci student from Australia. I started programming wit rust at the start of the year and have been wanting to use it for more complicated projects. As of OS experience I have messed with device trees to set up pin configurations on single board computers and modified driver code before to add some extra functionality to it that was missing. I come from a C, Java and python background but lately I have been making Rust and Javascript (Nodejs) my go to tools.

I have a bit of knowledge on OS theory and some practice with modifying OS components but nothing in my opinion sound but hey I’m here to learn and contribute where I can :smiley:


Hi, I’m Dale AKA Dwarf.

I’m a retired Debian developer, who found Rust when it went Beta. I became more intrigued when I saw that Rust was being used to build the Redox OS. (BTW, someone should fix the spell checker here. It thinks Redox is misspelled…)

My recent experiences have all been failures, and I’m not sure how to approach posting them here.

I used the Redox Installer ISO, and it ran with no apparent problems. The machine booted to a long string of hex, but eventually declared “Redox 32 bit” at the top of the screen. Some other messages followed with an eventual stall. I have a screen shot taken with my phone.

So, I went and found the build instructions. Had no trouble checking out code and setting multirust. The make all dies with:

rust/src/libcore/fmt/mod.rs:282:1: 282:23 note: in this expansion of #[derive_Clone] (defined in rust/src/libcore/fmt/mod.rs)
rust/src/libcore/fmt/mod.rs:282:1: 282:23 help: run rustc --explain E0425 to see a detailed explanation
error: aborting due to 36 previous errors
Makefile:427: recipe for target ‘build/i386-unknown-redox/debug/libcore.rlib’ failed
make: *** [build/i386-unknown-redox/debug/libcore.rlib] Error 101

I’m running Debian Jessie on an ASUS C60M1-1 mother board with solid state drives. This is a 64 bit machine which could have something to do with this.

Let me know if I should post with more detail, and where I should do that.




Hi. I’m Dave and YES, my last name is RUST. I’ve been running Linux ever since some naval officer gave me an Yggdrasil distro back in 96. And yes, I set up one of Chile’s first private servers, if not the first. I’ve got a lonely box sitting in the corner and I think it’s about time I wiped it clean and tried out an OS that’s a little different. First I have to get some stuff. Like an ISO. And maybe some more hardware.

I’ll let you know.


Hi, I am new to Rust and to OS programming. I am familiar with C, Java, Python and a few others doing mainly scientific type programming. I have also been using linux for a long time now and am getting into the nuts and bolts of that. I have an interest in OS security and programming so I find this project to be very interesting. I’m hoping to find a way to contribute and to hone my programming skills along the way.


Hello everyone! My name is Jared Manning, and I’m ready for the future! Although my programming skills are certainly lacking, I’m excited to learn Rust and contribute to this absolutely fascinating project!

Here’s the short and sweet version of my experience with operating systems.

  • Started using the computer at the age of 2. Windows 3.1 was great… right?
  • Discovered GNU/Linux in my junior year of high school. Ubuntu was great… right??
  • Rode the path to Gentoo by the end of my senior year of high school. Got it running but didn’t know what came next.
  • Goofed off in college and put computers on the back burner while working minimum wage.
  • Moved to the southern U.S. and rekindled the flame for operating systems in the awful southern heat.
  • Witnessed Debian and its community collapse as it adopted systemd.
  • Enjoyed Funtoo for a bit, but realized that having an option to deter/delete all things systemd was a treatment of the symptoms, not a solution for the underlying problemd.
  • Realized FreeBSD was everything I ever wanted in an operating system and much more. ZFS, DTrace, and Jails sounded really cool, but realized there was much to learn.
  • Learned about software licenses and anti-capitalism.
  • Ignited and illuminated my passion for operating systems after watching hours of Bryan Cantrill’s speeches and interviews.
  • Started back at community college, understood the importance of education (it just kinda clicked, ya know?), and became a lover of knowledge.

So, I have landed here after many months of searching for my niche in the realm of programming and operating systems. I knew from the instant I learned about Rust that it was the future of programming and operating system development, and I hope to make great contributions to the Rust language, Redox, and to the open-source community in general. As for my immediate future, I’m going to finish up classes at the community college this fall and once again start the search for a university (I’m very keen on The University of Utah or the University of Illinois). I invite everyone that would like to get in touch with me to send me a message on here and just say hey! Thanks everyone!!


I think this topic has diminishing returns as the forum grows. If you haven’t already, click on your avatar next to the hamburger menu (top right), click the gear, and update your “about me”. Now anyone can find out a little bit about who you are just by clicking on your avatar in a post. For bonus points, include how you want to participate in this community so that when others read your “about me” they learn of collaboration opportunities.


Hi my name is Gerard and I’m from Spain. I’m an electronics engineer specialized in Microelectronics. Currently I’m a PhD student at the University of Barcelona.

I have an strong interest in Operating Systems and programming, although that’s not my field of expertise. I’ll be watching this interesting project since I’m quite agree with many of it’s design choices. By the way, I do not know Rust, my main experience in programming is bare metal C and assembly on microcontrolers and ANSI C in Linux (as well as toying with FORTH, python etc), so I don’t think i’ll be of much help but if I can help in any way and it is in within my posibilities, I’ll be glad to do so.


Hello. I’m Deavmi. A computer programmer student. Came accross this operating system and thought about how nice and simple it is with that sexy Orbital desktop environment. I think I could really use this for developing software as it makes workflow so much more simpler.


What features do you see benefiting you the most? How close do you think Redox is to allowing you to spend a majority of development time in Redox?


The fact it is minimalist. #DistractionFree


Hello everyone, my name is Nikola and I’m software developer and student in Secondary School of Electrical Engineering in Serbia. I have experience with system programming and C, C++ and Assembly and I’m interested in learning Rust and contributing to this project :slight_smile:


i am human who lived in south korea,
want to use redox in real life.
currently running alpinelinux.
interested in open source hardware like riscv, opensparc, etc.
(NO amd, intel, big company cpu).

keep up good work!
thank you.


Hello anyone!

I’m Jakit, an full-lang lover, also full stack programmer. I can programming with above all of popular languages.

I’m just interested in this project, because of I found that Minix can not be my daily system, so that I get there.

Just OK… = =||

I hope that Redox can be a platform using for daily programming for me.


Hi y’all,

I’m Daniel, an engineering student from Texas. I concur with DLC this thread might be a sub-optimal way to introduce oneself as this project grows, but, hey, that’s no reason not to use it!

Programming’s mostly hobby for me, but I’m excited to see an OS out here that’s libre and Rust and minimalist at the same time. If I can compile most Linux programs and run a modern web browser, I might just switch to this full-time. Not sure how much I can contribute yet, but maybe I can get some elastic tabstops into Sodium…