Window managers

  1. How to make a WM for Redox?
  2. What APIs to consider?
  3. How hard would it be to re-implement i3?
  4. What do you think about Phone-like/Zoom-UI?
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I would take a look at orbital, being the current WM and compositor for redox on how to implement one. preferably once its self-hosted we should look at porting mesa and Wayland over.

As far as I3 goes, there is already a project which is rewriting I3 for Wayland in rust. The project is called sway, if you wanted to create your own from scratch at least you have a reference, but as I said above it would be better to get basic Wayland support once self-hosting is completed then we could easily port sway over. (theoretically)


sway seems to be written in C though?

way-cooler maybe?

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Yeah your right, I know one of them was written in rust.