We should create categories

Here are my suggestions:

  • Feedback
  • Random / Off-Topic
  • Software on Redox
  • Post your screenshots

As this forum would be mainly for communication between the users and the devs (communication between devs happen mostly on Github and Mattermost), I’m not sure if we should add the following categories:

  • Kernel
  • Ion

What do you think ?

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Bug Report

Bug reports should go to Github issues.

Software that runs on Redox (we should find a shorter name)


I agree, but some users don’t have Github accounts. But Redox is in early development so I think it is okay to assume that the majority of users are developers.

Porting is too specific IMO, I also want to include software that is meant to run on Redox from the start

Maybe “Programs”, “Userspace”, “Ecosystem”?


I agree with “Programs”. “Userspace” is good too, but I don’t think it is clear for everyone.

The thing is, what if we’re also talking about kernel space, native to Redox? I still think “native” or “ecosystem” or “native ecosystem” are better.

“Redox Software”?

This could imply that it is software for developers, but “ordinary” users would assume it is software for Redox (native or ports does not matter for user?) – its like “Windows Software”, “Linux Software”

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Agreed. Probably just call it “Software on Redox”, or something like that.

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I edited the original post with Software on Redox :thumbsup:

Working on Categories now