Want to run libc-test inside Redox - how?

I would like to run git://repo.or.cz/libc-test . This needs make, gawk, gcc and some other stuff. Most of all I have problem pulling dependencies into Redox, as a lot of wget/curl/git dependencies are not implemented.

Can someone advise me on workflow? How to share files from host OS into Redox? How to use Redoxer with makefiles?

I don’t believe the tests themselves require anything really. You’ll need to cross compile them using the x86_64-unknown-redox toolchain that is built when you build redox.

You should be able to either edit the Makefile or set CC to the cross compiler, then point that gcc to the sysroot of relibc and try to build it from there.

You still might run into build errors pertaining to absent functionality in relibc, but I’d bet most of the tests just build.