VM Virtualbox Issues

This is my Virtualbox Version:
VirtualBox VM 5.1.6_Ubuntu r110634 linux.amd64
and this is my log: http://pastebin.com/raw/zSJB0su9

I tried running using the Linux preset and using the Other preset - it didn’t work.
I might try actual hardware next, but for now are there any ideas that can help me fix it?

Did you try disabling Nested Paging?

I did, and i got the same result.

Set the guest OS type to “Other 64-bit” from “Windows 7”, and double the amount of RAM given the VM to 1024MB. It should fix it if there’s no other VirtualBox misconfiguration.

Based on the 0.0.3 changelog 512MB of memory might be too less for the system to work. It doesn’t start on my system with that amount either.

I recommend that you post here: https://github.com/redox-os/redox/issues/802

I have found some information and will be posting there if the issue is fixed.