Tooling/ide recommendations

Hello everyone,

First of all congrats on your work so far.
I’m new to rust but have been charmed by the possibility of a complete rust stack for the server side.
Have been lurking redox and I am quite impressed with your productivity.
What tools do you use? Editors, ide-s, do you debug or just print etc. I think you’re recommendations might benefit a wider audience not just me.

Thank you.


I used Sublime Text for a long time, but I moved to VS Code and in my opinion it’s not necessarily better, but it’s open source and doesn’t nag me for money every 5 files saved

For debugging I just use printing. I don’t know how to set up GDB. I’m wondering if there is something like the Visual Studio debugger for Linux. I used to write Python in VS and with it’s debugger it was amazing, simply place a breakpoint, then hover over the variable names to see their values. It was great.


I use Neovim with rust.vim and vim-racer plugins. I’ve also tried IntelliJ with their rust plugin, but this one is still WIP. Unfortunately I haven’t managed to set up gdb yet, so I don’t have any debugger.

I’ve been using Atom with the Tokamak IDE, which is a dream in combination with Racer and Clippy.

debugging in Linux: I had been using Code::Blocks few years ago and it seemed to be almost as good as VS

I’m currently using my custom vim setup which has a lot of fun plugins, most of which aren’t necessarily focused on Rust development, but one of them keeps my white space in alignment and makes it all pretty.