The OS I want and the future I've always wanted with: Redox-os


I would like in this very random topic, simple and direct to elucidate through brief arguments why Redox-os is the best operating system in the world, even though its version is beta and doesn’t have most of the resources I need today.

One of the things that always got me into programming was the c language. I’ve always liked the idea of ​​a simple, fast, direct language and without many difficult things to remember. I always liked its simplicity, idea and concept. Programming shouldn’t be complex, but simple.

This argument “Programming should not be something complex but simple” is based on the idea that any operating system should be something simple. That is, despite there being some complexity around memory management, boot and other technical terms. There is still a concept of simplicity built into all this complexity that I talked about here.

A good example of this is KISS - Keep It Stupid, Simple! That is, doing things in a way that is feasible. The idea of ​​a microkernel I believe has the concept of KISS - Keep It Stupid, Simple! Things work the way they should.

Do you remember that I talked about the C language and how I initially liked programming in C? Most operating systems are written in C. This simplicity of the c language has provided for a long time to create drivers and also operating systems, programming languages ​​and kernel.

I know that currently the C language doesn’t have many adherents when it was in the beginning. But part of the Rust language I see aspects of the simplicity of C and the operating system Redox-os. Partly because Redox-os is made in microkernel, which is the idea I talked about about the simplicity of doing things and partly because it has a language as good as C called Rust, which I think is good and simple too.

Some say the greatest complexity is simplicity. Simplifying so is such an easy task. Clicking a register button on any web page means accessing, registering and manipulating various functions just for that purpose.

“Simple things exist because of their guided, tangible, proposed complexity”. - This simplicity surrounding an operating system, web page, application and life in general I think is something true in some sense of cause, objective.

For example, analyzing the laws of nature in physical terms, anything in nature has some sense of being there. The plants, animals and us as a whole. I believe an operating system should be simple enough to understand. In part, in conclusion, rust is as simple as C, redox-os is as simple as linux. I’m not saying redox-os is better - saying linux is bad or rust is better and C is bad. The best I consider here is elegance, simplicity and general understanding of the operating system or language.

In my philosophical conceptions, the future is the Rust language and the great Redox-os system with its microkernel and micro-ui that I talked about earlier.

And also with a decentralized development like radicle (software version control with git on p2p network) with git-bug support (which is a decentralized problem replication protocol, something like matrix but for reporting bugs and crashes)

Note: When I say: “For example, analyzing the laws of nature in physical terms, anything in nature has some sense of being there. The plants, animals and us as a whole.” - I mean in general terms things like the law of gravity, the law of thermodynamics, relativity and the law of the chaotic state etc. - My point in this argument is to talk about how good redox os and rust language are.

Well, there are certain characteristics of beauty, elegance that I mentioned earlier, characteristics that are present in the KISS design and also in the theory or conception of laws in nature in physical terms or in informatics in languages and operating systems as well.

Some call this: “usability” and “user experience” for the graphical interfaces. In the design it is called “KISS” or “less is more”. And in the programming language and operating system I call it “elegance”, “beauty”, “purpose”. Something that has a certain “aesthetic sense”, by the way.

In the same way that C led me to understand operating systems, file types, data, etc. And that somehow led me to Linux. Lately, Rust has been taking me to Redox-os and I’ve been getting more and more interested in rust and redox-os more than linux and c.