The book's availability

Well I just found out about Redox a couple weeks ago and I liked it immediately. Something truly new with some really innovative ideas, briliant. So I of course wanted to find out about it as much as possible and install it on my PC as well. When the book showed up, this presented me with that exact possibility. However every chapter after 4.2 is gray and therefore unclickable (unaccessible). Is this simply because these parts of the book are not yet done, or is there something I can do and access the whole thing?

I just joined redox discourse, so Hello to everyone :smiley:

Hi :smiley:
The greyed parts are not yet done. However, the Compiling Redox section is here to help you compile and run Redox on your PC.

Oh I see, that’s great. Thanks for the quick reply :smiley: