Supported architectures (now and later)?

Hi there!

If I understand correctly, now x86_64 is supported, and there is project for arm64.
Is there anything else?
Will x86 be supported for embedded systems?


Are 32-bit x86 embedded systems a thing?

I thought most of the industry had shifted to armv7 or even armv8 for non-microcontroller embedded systems ( even a lot of modern micros use armv7-m ).

I believe supporting anything that LLVM compiles to shouldn’t be too hard, although there are always weird exceptions.

That being said, one of the great benefit that projects like this have is that they can throw away legacy requirements that their predecessors are stuck with. And at this point I wouldn’t be surprised if the core devs said that x86 is now legacy, and that they’re going to focus on x86_64 and arm64.