Signal 11 error when running non corerutil commands in Ion

Hello! I am running consistently into a Signal 11 error when trying to run commands in Ion. I have seen references Signal 11 elsewhere in forum/chat/Gitlab issues, but it looks like there were happening for people during build or boot process. In this case I am able to run Redox OS using the qemu command in the [documentation](http://qemu-system-x86_64 -serial mon:stdio -d cpu_reset -d guest_errors -smp 4 -m 1024 -s -machine q35 -device ich9-intel-hda -device hda-duplex -net nic,model=e1000 -net user -device nec-usb-xhci,id=xhci -device usb-tablet,bus=xhci.0 -enable-kvm -cpu host -drive file=harddrive.bin,format=raw). After logging in I can successfully use other applications like the calculator or web browser, but when I open the terminal some commands get signal 11 while others work:

  • Coreutils like ls, less, cat, cd work
  • Ping, which is not a coreutil, but comes installed by default yeilds signal 11 for ping, even though NetSurf works and can successfully navigate to that site.
  • pkg works and I get a success message if I install git or sodium
  • but when I run git --version or sodium $FILENAME get errors. See the following example for git

In the Ion terminal (when running from qemu on Arch Linux)

# git --version
ion: process (68) ended by signal 11

In the Arch Linux urxvt terminal from which I initiated the qemu session:

Page fault: 0000000000000370
RFLAG: 0000000000010202
CS:    0000000000000023
RIP:   0000000000627FCF
CODE:  0000000000000004
RAX:   0000000000000018
RCX:   0000000000000008
RDX:   0000000000000018
RDI:   0000000000000000
RSI:   0000000000000018
R8:    00000180000FFD98
R9:    0000000021000000
R11:   0000000000000246
RBX:   0000000000000000
RBP:   0000000000000000
R12:   0000000000000018
R13:   00000180000FFE20
R14:   0000000000000002
R15:   00000180000FFE60
FS:    0000000000000033
  FFFFFE80004682C0: FFFFFF00001216A5
  FFFFFE8000468340: FFFFFF000011F55B
  0000000000000000: GUARD PAGE
SIGNAL 11, CPU 0, PID ContextId(68)
NAME file:/bin/git

I’m experiencing this issue across platforms. The Arch environment is the one I am trying to get this working in:

  • Arch Linux (Kernel 5.8.14) + qemu
  • MacOS + qemu
  • MacOS + VirtualBox

At this point I’m not sure if it’s and Ion issue, a Redox issue or an issue with the way I have qemu configured. Any info that can point me in the right direction is appreciated. Thanks!