Sanity: Redox distribution

I need sanity check for idea that i’m currently working on

To put it into a context:
My preferred linux distribution is bedrock linux (github . com/bedrocklinux/bedrocklinux-userland) which workload is based around chroot() function to sandbox other linux distributions into /bedrock/strata/<distro> and then allow using functions of said stratum in one terminal -> One can use apt and emerge from same system without conflicts since both debian and gentoo has their own environment from which they can not escape to cause conflicts and i like open-source OS that is based in rustlang so i decided to combine these two to workaround development issues that redox has so that it would be a base for linux systems untill there is sufficient rust replacement for said function that would be shared system-wide to avoid duplicated in said distributions on custom build instructions for said package manager.

Sanity: Is it sane to use redox for a distribution base that requires sandboxing function and bash scripting support only?

Side-Note: Bedrock is fetching linux distributions using brl-fetch command which reads from bash scripts in

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