Running Redox on bare metal hardware

Hi, I have copied the redox iso file onto a CD and installed it onto /dev/sda on an Intel machine and rebooted but I don’t see any options on the grub bootloader to select it.

I don’t think this is possible as of now.

Redox do run on real hardware. See

I have installed the Redox OS via the redox-installer on a bare metal Intel machin but I can’t see the booting options. Any suggestions what I can do to make it boot ?

You need to select the boot drive in BIOS.

Grub will not detect Redox automatically

I have installed the Redox on the same HDD with an Ubuntu OS. I entered BIOS and all I see is the target HDD which I have installed a Redox and a Ubuntu for testing. Does this mean I cannot install Redox with other OSes on the same physical media ?

That is correct, it is not yet compatible with partitions

Trying to install redox-installer.iso on bare metal hardware. i tried sudo dd if=redox-installer.iso of=/dev/disk2 Where /dev/disk2 is a 4GB USB I did this on a mac. Anywho I tried installing on both a 2009 macbook air and my x86_64 tower. In both situations I’m left with a blank screen when I select the usb i wrote the iso to. Any suggestions? thanks in advance