Requirements: Redox on public clouds (Digital Ocean, AWS, et al)

I’m a Digital Ocean customer, and like a lot of people I use AWS heavily at $DAY_JOB

The patreon page mentions the possiblity of creating images for public clouds. However, this seems impossible on Digital Ocean, given the state of this feature request: Allow custom images

I don’t know a lot about virtualization technologies, but I’ve used Packer quite a bit to build images for DO and AWS. Bottom line: the build happens “in the cloud” and must use a pre-approved “base image”.

My question is, over the long term, how can we demonstrate to cloud providers the safety of deploying Redox? What are the hypervisors we have to run on? Do we need to concern ourselves with orchestration tools (OpenStack, etc)? What’s the value proposition for cloud providers? Presumably their ops teams will view this as increased complexity, increased attack surface, etc.

Are there any other cloud providers that I’m forgetting that would let you run Redox today?

Redox OS does have a goal of running on public clouds. It is not currently available on the popular ones (Digital Ocean or AWS), but it does run well on KVM so I imagine it would not be difficult.