Redox vs TrueOS?

Yes and Redox is my platform 3 of the Unix-like ecosystems with the first 2 of TrueOS and Linux, with having read an essay what are differed from Redox instead of Linux.
First of all the Redox kernel is a microkernel, unlike the FreeBSD and Linux monolithic kernels.

The next difference is which Redox defaults to Ion shell that’s never heard or found from TrueOS or Linux.
The final comparison is graphical side, Lumina (TrueOS) v Orbital (Redox) v LXQt (Linux X11) v Liri (Linux Wayland). Is Orbital mainly written in Qt + Rust, or just Rust?
Thanks tutoring to me and I have plenties of time studying Unix-like free software computing ecosystems. :sun_with_face: :+1: :muscle:

Orbital is written in rust and uses its own protocol and widget toolkit (orbtk).