Redox OS Release 0.7.0


Awesome! Cool to see an update, it’s been a while. :partying_face:

I’ve been wanting to understand bootloaders a bit better, so I might be able to learn from that. :slight_smile:

Nice work! You might want to document the live user name + password on the release notes page:

it’s the first prompt users see… and it isn’t obvious :slight_smile:


I wondered if there is a list of hardware that the release is known to run on?

I tried it on my ThinkPad with no luck.

The bootloader goes through the steps and it looks like it’s going to start, but just a black screen it never comes back from.

good news.

And I tried on virtualbox, works well.

I am very happy to see the release of the new update. I am going to try on VirtualBox and see the new changes.