Redox on Boxes ( Gnome Boxes )

It seem Redox doesnt work on my machine :confused:

Type in root
Press enter
Type in password
Press enter

Cant move the pointer… cant type

I would guess keyboard/mouse grab is not activated. Or the input device type is wrong for Redox (USB vs. PS/2).

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when redox asks for screen resolution, I can input ‘y’ at that time. that means nothing wrong with the configuration.


I’m having same issue.

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try VirtualBox, its should solve your problem

i have the same issue in gnome-boxes in Debian and Ubuntu. Virtualbox is not part of Debain anymore, will there be any solution for gnome-boxes since this will stop users from trying RedoxOS and frustrate them. Especially since Gnome-Boxes uses qemu that is in my opinion relevant.

other than the network issue in vmware, I’m also able to test it on that too