Possibility of an HTML5 Shell?

Hey everyone!

I just stumbled across this project and it’s pretty neat! I have some ideas for an OS of my own, but I never wanted to write the base of it from scratch — I always wanted to build upon a base. So, I guess you could say I just want to create a custom shell for a base OS. Redox interests me because it aims to fix the shortcomings of Linux and all the unnecessary residual/legacy code still in it.

I was wondering if it was possible to start a node server on boot of Redox, that would them run my HTML5/CSS/JS shell that hooks into the system. For example, if I click on “Empty Trash” in my UI, the trash is emptied on the actual OS (Redox).

I have no idea if what I want is feasible at the moment, or on the roadmap but I hope it is! Going to sleep now, but I’ll check responses (hopefully positive) in a couple hours.

At this moment, it is very little feasible, due to JS engines being extremely platform dependent, because of their high-level nature. The idea is nice, but I think it would be much easier to pick a language with a smaller runtime.

Because of the ecosystem of Redox, Rust would probably be the most fitting language at this moment.

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Hmm, yeah, that makes sense. The reason why I wanted it to be in JS is because 1) that’s a “programming” language I understand and 2) to make it easier for other people to build on top of.

Thanks for your reply!

It certainly makes sense, but we don’t have enough support yet. Maybe someday ;).

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