Physical Separation

It would be amazing, and extraordinarily wonderful, if separation of various “processes” could happen on different computers.

By which I mean, I could have a not-so-powerful computer that’s a file server and the authentication hub; a cheap laptop as the terminal; a big, high-power computer as the main CPU with which computationally-intensive work is done; and they would all speak to each other over the internet, using directly connected cable, or via other means if applicable.

By which I mean, I want Redox to steal some of the amazing abilities that plan9 and 9front have. :)

This probably requires the creation of some sort of protocol for doing the necessary things over interchangeable (and hopefully stackable) communication means (ssh over ethernet, or via irc via pigeon carrier, etc). Plan9 had 9P.

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Well, I think ICE may be a good choice to implement that, I got 2 reasons:

  1. NAT
  2. RPC

I don’t understand the difference between your imagined design and a client-server model (without things like plan9 or 9front). Correct me if I’m wrong, but what I think you’re suggesting is something that exists outside the OS, where, for example, a computer can be configured to use a DHCP server on the network. Nothing about the client OS has to extend to the DHCP server per se; all it has to do is simply contact the server over the network with requests. If that’s not an accurate example, please correct me.