Password needed for -c jeremy

I have tried to “./ -c jeremy”, but got up to:

cook - jeremy
Clonage dans 'recipes/jeremy/source.tmp'...
Username for '': user
Password for '': 
remote: HTTP Basic: Access denied. The provided password or token is incorrect or your account has 2FA enabled and you must use a personal access token instead of a password. See
fatal: Échec d'authentification pour ''
cook - jeremy - error: failed to fetch: failed to run "git" "clone" "--recursive" "" "recipes/jeremy/source.tmp": exited with status exit status: 128
make: *** [mk/ : build/x86_64/jeremy/fetch.tag] Erreur 1
paul@bismark:~/myredox/redox$ ./ -c jeremy

Was thinking it was asking for a username and password for the built OS but realized after that that it is more a password for the repository… so that only Jeremy can “ -c jeremy”?