New Site Design

I am redesigning the public website, more details to follow

New design:

Pull request:


I merged it, the old site will not be visible anymore for comparison

I like the design, but in my opinion, the documentation menu should not link directly to the API. I think it should go to a documentation page (like on the Rust language site), with links to all the available documentations : the book, the API and the Wiki, for the begining.

Personally I didn’t see the “book” link, I really expected to find this kind of info in the documentation section.

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The wiki is outdated for now. All the information which were on the wiki is found in the book.

It seem to me there are still points in the wiki that are not in the book yet. The Orbibal section for instance.

Well, that section is outdated too. And soon there will be a Orbital chapter in the book.

The site as it currently is now is sexy af.