Netsurf status question

Hello, I’m inquiring about the status of Netsurf browser in Redox. Is it a total work-in-progress or it should be functional to some extent?

Most everything is working Ok, but Netsurf freezes after being launched. It cannot be manipulated in any way via the browser window, including refusing to close. Launching multiple windows, as pictured below, will freeze Redox completely. I’ve searched, but cannot find any informations on this topic. Any fixes or informations are welcome. Thanks.

Welcome to the forum!

I would expect Netsurf to be very experimental - just think how many resources are put into Edge, Safari and Chrome by their respective developers. I have not used it however. Hopefully somebody with experience using the browser will be able to advise better as far as your specific issue is concerned.

Ok, thanks. I recognize Redox itself is a work in progress, so browser integration is a low priority. I will ask then, what is the correct way to close those unresponsive windows? It basically ends the session because nothing works after.