More Redox builds please?


I am regularly following Redox progress, but there is less an a build A YEAR published!

I do not have the knowledge like most of people to compile and build it, so I have less and less interest in Redox seeing such a few releases that can be tested…

Could the team at least do a release every couple month so it can be tested and not looks like half dead most of the time ?


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Speaking as a follower who might want to dip a toe into it soon, this sounds like a sensible idea. Presumably any such move would have to be balanced against the likelihood of noobs such as myself taking up time that could be more fruitfully invested in the project, but as the OP suggests it could help create more buzz generally, especially as things seem to progress quite well behind the scenes.

The last bit of news we got at the begging of the year was how they were close to self hosting. While I agree an updated image would be nice for testing and playing around. I think the thing holding him back is the fact that he hasn’t reached that milestone yet. I just wish he would update the news on the website more or take a more active role in here as well. That way even if there isn’t a new iso we can still see what has been happening.

There are a couple of news items on the website appeared this month. There are certainly lots of different contributors who have posted on the news page which makes me confident that there could be regular updates without putting too much burden on anyone, especially since we don’t need a long form essay every time.

I agree, if not a build every couple month, at least some blog posts about the progress.

I take as example Godot, that’s been a few months the main dev is on the new version 4 and it’s not released because of course not ready yet, but very regularly he takes some of his time to do a very bright explanation of the progresses and what’s happening with images, videos and code examples. And the rest of the team does the same.

I think Redox team should do the same king of communication if they want interest in their project.
It takes a couple hour to create a 10 minutes reading with screenshots. It’s not much and it helps a lot.

By example, the OrbTk, what are the progress ? Could be see some UI explample since the calculaor demo ?

Thanks for your work.

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