Java Virtual Machine for Redox


I did some preliminary work to provide the Jainja Java Virtual Machine [1] for Redox. I just got an Hello World currently.

The JVM supports Java 5 features and will be provided with the standard Java libraries.

Some work has to be done yet:

  • An accurate time is required because threads are implemented in the VM itself. So the VM will not really work while the kernel doesn’t provide that. A millisecond granularity should be ok.
  • Socket implementation
  • SDL backend for the Java GUI

Guillaume Legris



Hey, @glegris!

This is extremely cool. Keep it up.

Do I understand it correctly: you have a compiler, which is written in Java, performing the following transpilation: java → C. You use this to bootstrap your compiler and the JVM, which you have written. This yield C source code, which is cross-compiled to target Redox.

Is this right?

Also, do you have a Github mirror?

Hi @Ticki

You’re right, except that the custom/embedded C compiler is not ready yet. So, as for now, I only use mainstream C compilers like GCC or clang to compile/cross-compile the VM.

@Ticki I don’t have a github mirror for now.