How to run tests?

I would ask this in the chat, but I’m not hooked up yet. Sorry if this is a dumb question and I am overlooking something obvious. I already submitted a small pr to finish implementing the nanosleep syscall which was accepted a few days ago. I also see there are many tests that are yet to be implemented, so I thought I’d lend a hand. In addition, I wanted to expand the test case for nanosleep after my recent changes. However I cannot get the tests to run on my NixOS machine. Do they need to be run inside of the Redox kernel itself? If so what’s the easiest way to get everything set up? redoxer perhaps?

Also, on a more interesting note, how would the devs feel about possibly adding property based testing in places where we might benefit from it? Possibly via proptest? Once I get the tests running I was gonna experiment with it anyways and it might help track down obscure bugs.

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