How to build the 64 bit version?


Trying things out the default 32bit build works great, but 64bit build gives the error LLVM ERROR: SSE register return with SSE disabled, which I understand to have something to with not needing or using floating point at OS level?

Is there a away to build the 64bit version?

Thanks in advance.

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The 64bit build support is not ready yet. There is still more work needed to be done due to how obscure the x86_64 architecture is on the low level side.

Thanks for the fast reply. I am still learning Rust but have a lot of different x64 hardware(desktop up to 80 core HP DL980’s), if you need help testing on real metal I am happy to find cycles.


That is simply not true. We got x86_64 support. You just have to uncomment line 3 in Makefile, and then build.

Stratact is right, it is brokrn right now

Oh, it is? What’s wrong with it?

When building it gives the error LLVM ERROR: SSE register return with SSE disabled

Seem to be fixed as of last nights build? Are there any plans for a build server? We have sent up Jenkins with GIT checkout, not sure if that would work with rust, but I am happy to set one up if there is need.

We already have a build server at

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Koolness. Just seeing where I might be helpful without coding much :slight_smile:

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We’re not KDE!!! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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