How can I help?


I noticed there are some vacancies in the project. I like writing tests (especially integration ones), and could do some maintenance work. Any low hanging fruits, I don’t have much time to invest, but then I have some experience with Rust and proper education in computer science.

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I think in your case a good way would be to join the chat, especially the topic about ion. Maybe ask @mmstick if there are some beginner tasks laying around. Its a cool project and probably a good way to start. I havn’t really looked into the issue tracker lately but i think this could be a good entry point.

The issue tracker for Ion is kept updated, and there are quite a few ways to improve it. Looking for refactoring existing code is one of the best ways to get familiar with a project that you’re interested in. As for features and bug fixes, adding sudo completions may be simple to do in Ion.

Ion could also use many more integration tests. Refer to the tests directory for existing integration tests. Simply write some complex Ion scripts, and see if the output is expected behavior. File issues for errors, as well as for possible suggestions to improve the syntax.