General questions

Haiku OS vs Redox, which one is better (Haiku is a new OS being developed as well).

Why does Redox chose to use Rust over C++?

Rust provides a lot more checks at compile time than C++ does. It’s possible with linters, sure, but having it straight up built-in to the compiler is awesome.
Rust also automatically drops all allocated memory, which is really nice. It also makes copying large structures explicit, so it could actually be faster than C++ because you have to think more.
(Also, in my opinion Rust is a lot better designed than C++ in general)

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Im biased, and think Redox is better for several reasons, although I will let the developers answer this as they will be able to more accurately then I can.

As for using Rust over C++, Rust is a MUCH safer language in terms of race conditions, overflows, null reference exceptions, etc…

For a great explaination, I encourage you to listen to The Changelog podcast. Goes in-depth about the design decisions.

Also, read the section on “Why Rust” in the book.

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Oh ok makes sense. Personally I am not a huge fan of their syntax compared to C++, for example their for loops are so weird as fuck.

Oh ok, so is it based on Unix, is Unix closed source? Does Unix use GPL license?

IMO, Rust is one of those languages that seem complicated and weird, but when it all clicks, it is a beautiful language that saves your life constantly.

Oh ok nice :), out of curiosity, is Rust more low level compared to C++?

What license does Unix use?

Unix was the original operating system created by Bell Labs (Owned by AT&T), in the 70s. It was propriety which is why Richard created gnu. Which gnu means “Gnu not Unix” as an open source alternative. Which in turn Linux was created to be a Unix like kernel that adopted the gnu userland. According to the BSD guys there not a clone, but an open-source derivative of AT&T Unix. (

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And is Redox OS based on Unix?

It’s based of concepts of Unix.

Oh ok nice, I am glad it is not Unix otherwise it is not Open Source.

Do you know in any way how Redox could potentially be faster than Haiku?