Donating Funds to Termion

Hi Termion maintainers, I’m Lucas, a core contributor to the Radworks project.

Radicle has been using Termion’s repo. It’s in fact one of our most critical dependencies!

All Radicle’s core-contributors really appreciate the work you all do and we want to make sure that you are all well-funded to keep doing it. For that reason, we have decided to donate some funds to your project through Drips (an initiative that is coming out of our organization for funding FOSS).

Who can I talk to about it?

Hi everyone, apologies for the polite persistence.

@jackpot51 @Ticki, noticed you are the most active contributors to the repo we want to support: GitHub - redox-os/termion: Mirror of Are any of you open to talking?

Hi, thanks for willing to help us!

You can see our donation options on this page, you can also join our Matrix chat here, as this forum is archived.