Directory Structure

I have accepted my fate as being an annoyance on forms for my… less than intelligent questions.
That being said, the Linux file system hierarchy is rather weird in my, albeit naive, opinion. I posted here last year about package management and i mentioned a project I came across called GoboLinux. Upon reading more and more into the distro, their take on the file-system seemed awesome and very user friendly for an idiot like myself. I was wondering if the directory structure in GoboLinux would be possible to implement in Redox. With this project still being in the state that big changes can still be made (correct me if I am wrong), it would be interesting topic to discuss.

I check the Redox GitHub page and forms everyday because of how excited I am for this project. I am currently a CS student and hope one day to be able to contribute something for Redox one day. Respect for all the developers/maintainers and looking forward to seeing where this goes.

PS. I apologize if this is a less than intelligent post.

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Did you already read this?

In particular the entire 5.2 section “URLs, Schemes, and Resources” is important to get a grasp of Redox’ concept of “everything is a URL”. I’ve by no means fully grasped it, but Jeremy’s musings in helped me get the gist of it.

So I suggest you start with these resources, and from there you can try inquire further about more specific Redox concepts that may benefit from the GoboLinux model.

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I have read the book. I will have to reread it, will do that today. I also listened to the Changelog podcast. Very informative. Im still learning and trying to wrap my head around it all. LOVE this project and looking forward to seeing where it goes. It has a LOT of potential to improve on what Linux started and to provide something fresh. Takes the best parts of UNIX/Linux and Windows and creates something awesome. Anyway, im off to do more reading!

@jackpot51 @mmstick and the community, you guys are awesome. Highest respect for all of you. Ill try not to post again until I have something intelligent to say.

Wow. I just checked out GoboLinux, and I absolutely love their approach. Everything is so simple and obvious, and easy to install things by hand / tell what’s actually installed, from the looks of it.

I’ll have to learn more about Redox’s URL philosophy too though.

Edit: PS, don’t worry about asking unintelligent questions. I generally do the same and learn a lot in the process. Hopefully the community here understands that reading the documentation does not always equate to grasping what one read, and that questions are valid things :wink:


I had those exact same thoughts when i discovered that little gem! installing by hand can be a pain in Linux and the directory structure has always had me confused. Just though I would give a little shout-out to that project since many don’t know about it. Seems like they do a lot of interesting stuff for ergonomics (is that the right word?) and have a focus on clarity. I too love their approach.

Been re-reading the redox book and all of the PRs to try to grasp all of it.

And thank you! I worry all the time. I will keep reading as much as I can and the community has been awesome. I just feel like an annoyance a lot when I ask all these software developers questions. I have been learning a ton and cant wait to learn more. Thank you for your reply. Very welcoming!

“We are not a Linux clone, or POSIX-compliant, nor are we crazy scientists, who wish to redesign everything. Generally, we stick to well-tested and proven correct designs. If it ain’t broken don’t fix it”.

Read this from the Redox Book. I guess implementing GoboLinux’s directory structure would be under “crazy scientists redesigning everything”. I didn’t know if I should mention it in developer chat, but with reading this, maybe I shouldn’t.

GoboLinux still is a cool project and I thought the “recipies” concept fit with the cookbook. I will keep reading the Book and already learning a lot.