Could someone provide advice on how to create a custom file system for Redox OS?

Hello everyone :wave:

I am a computer program professional with a developing curiosity in computer systems; and I have recently started looking into Redox OS. I am highly impressed with the project goals and progress. As I learn more about Redox OS; I am interested in its storage structure and would like to build a new file system to better understand how it works.

I have a background with systems programming in Rust and C; as well as basic experience with several file systems; but I am new to creating them from the ground up.

  • What are the conditions for creating a custom file system for Redox OS? Is there any suggested material and guidance for file system creation within Redox OS that I should begin with?
  • Could someone provide an explanation of how file systems are linked into Redox OS? What are the main parts and modules I need to focus on when creating my file system? How does Redox OS manage file network calls and what are the key APIs I should be aware of?
  • What are the most typical mistakes to avoid while creating and setting up a file system? Are there any creative structures and guidelines that work best for file systems in Redox OS?
  • Which tools and programs may be used to test and debug file systems in Redox OS? How can I test different conditions to ensure the durability of my data storage system?
  • I want to hear from anyone with experience creating unique file systems for Redox OS and similar tasks. What are the challenges anyone faced and how did you overcome them? Are there any free custom file systems for Redox OS that I can use as a reference?

Also I have gone through some post related to this but I want to know more about the create a custom file system for Redox OS

I am excited to start this journey with the Redox OS community. :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:It would be highly appreciated for any assistance, resources you could provide. Thank you for your efforts. :saluting_face:

Hello Aurora, …I think it’s better to study the source code if you want to know deeply about Redox file system. Please go to redox-os / redoxfs · GitLab and look for repositories named after specific file systems (e.g., ext4, fat32). If you want more, go to redox-os / redox · GitLab for the entire Redox ecosystem. I’m currently focusing on Redox kernel, and file system is located outside Redox kernel (due to microkernel design of Redox kernel). I hope can it helps you.