Can't access Mattermost anymore

I’ve talked about this with @jackpot51 but commenting here so more people is aware.

Using Firefox 57/58 (unsure about earlier versions) with some privacy settings described in the issue below, I’m not able to access Mattermost anymore.
This is exactly the issue I’m hitting.

Seems like upgrading to Mattermost > v4.6.0 will fix my problem. In #7996 they are also talking about another problem when using some webrtc settings. That seems to be an issue in webrtc-adapter which is tracked here

I don’t think that’s the problem. I’m getting “504 Gateway Time-out”, which is server side error, not WebRTC (javascript) like in that issue.

The issue I’m reporting in this thread it’s a couple of months old but still a thing and a different thing than what you’re talking about. The issue you’re seeing is another issue that started to happen today. I’m also seeing a 504 error today.

Anyway, just to clarify, the issue I’m reporting in this thread is still valid and it’s NOT related to WebRTC as you said.

If you read carefully, as I said, there are 2 issues mentioned in the link I’ve pasted. I’m mainly talking about the first one and not the last one which is related to WebRTC. Anyway, both things should be fixed at some point and in order to fix them Mattermost and webrtc-adapter should be upgraded.

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Mattermost is back and has been updated

Coo, thanks @jackpot51. Now it’s working again for me :).

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