Always black screen when boot in VBOX


ISO: redox_0.3.4.iso (download from github)
Virtual Box: version 5.1.28

screen stays black after pressed ‘Y’ as follow

there are some settings of VM

cpu-core: 1
memory: 512MB
chipset: PIIX3
mouse: USB Tablet
I/O APIC not enabled
EFI not enabled
HardwardClock enabled
PAE/NX enabled
VT-x/AMD-V enabled
Nested Paging enabled

Is anyone can help me?


I’m running that version, under the latest VirtualBox on Windows 7 64-bit. I have:

      Type: Other
      Version: Other/Unknown (64-bit)
      Shared Clipboard: Disabled
      Drag'n Drop: Disabled

      Base Memory: 4096 MB
      Chipset: PIIX3
      Pointing device: PS/2 Mouse
      Extended features
         Enabled I/O APIC: Yes
         Enable EFI: No
         Hardware Clock: No
      Processors: 4
      Extended features
         Enabled PAE/NX: Yes
       Paravirt: KVM
       Hardware Virtutalization
          Enable VT-x/AMD-V Yes
          Enable Nested Paging NO

Hope this helps.


thank you for your reply.
I successfully booted Redox by modifying the memory to be greater than 1G.