Always black screen when boot in VBOX


ISO: redox_0.3.4.iso (download from github)
Virtual Box: version 5.1.28

screen stays black after pressed ‘Y’ as follow

there are some settings of VM

cpu-core: 1
memory: 512MB
chipset: PIIX3
mouse: USB Tablet
I/O APIC not enabled
EFI not enabled
HardwardClock enabled
PAE/NX enabled
VT-x/AMD-V enabled
Nested Paging enabled

Is anyone can help me?


I’m running that version, under the latest VirtualBox on Windows 7 64-bit. I have:

      Type: Other
      Version: Other/Unknown (64-bit)
      Shared Clipboard: Disabled
      Drag'n Drop: Disabled

      Base Memory: 4096 MB
      Chipset: PIIX3
      Pointing device: PS/2 Mouse
      Extended features
         Enabled I/O APIC: Yes
         Enable EFI: No
         Hardware Clock: No
      Processors: 4
      Extended features
         Enabled PAE/NX: Yes
       Paravirt: KVM
       Hardware Virtutalization
          Enable VT-x/AMD-V Yes
          Enable Nested Paging NO

Hope this helps.


thank you for your reply.
I successfully booted Redox by modifying the memory to be greater than 1G.


I have exactly the same error with the latest VirtualBox (5.2.18) and Redox (0.3.5) on Windows 10
I have reserved 2GB memory for the VM but still doesn’t work


I am newbie here. Tried both 0.3.5 and 0.3.3 same issue.
After looking into above thread, tried to play with ICH9, PIIX3 and also the Storage controller to SATA. But no luck. Anyone can help?