Add custom component to Redox

Hi there!

I am toying around with redox for the third time now, and I am starting to think about contributing to the project. I have a little bit of a hard time at getting my hands on the build system. Doing a clean build seems to be fine (I followed the instructions), but when I change stuff (especially in the cookbook), everything breaks.


  1. Edit cookbook/recipses/drivers/ (point GIT URL to custom fork of redox/drivers)
  2. make fetch to update the dependency
  3. make all to rebuild

This seems to work sometimes, but not always. I even ended up with a case, where I got linking problems in a totally different package. This might however be caused by a package update (I also executed make pull).

Can someone please explain on how to:

  • Make changes to one of the cookbook packages, and use a local version of it, and build a redox image
  • How to handle the cookbook in general (the script, am I supposed to call this manually?).