Userspace Deployment


just wondering what’s the current preferred way of deploying a userspace application. I’ve looked through the makefile and i guess i have a rough idea how to fiddle this into. the naive approach (just copy the linux binary it to /filesystem/bin/ failed miserably of course :wink: )

execute: failed to exec ‘Ref(Url { scheme: “file”, reference: “/bin/renderer” })’: Elf: Invalid architecture: Some(2) != Some(1)

The second approach was to just put it under “/filesystem/apps/” add it to the make target “apps:” and let it build with the os. That turns out to work quite well.

Now i am trying to build a rust SDL application and don’t know how to link against it. i found sdl-test.c and its obviously its written in c … so it is FFI ? – is this even available now in redox? so no rust-sdl create right now where is cargo? :smiley:

You should check out the SDL demo.

I did. I’ll guess i need a bit more time to get familiar with rustc because i don’t know of the cuff how to compile my project with external crates (rust-sdl) without cargo and plain rustc.

Sad that i had to go on foreign tour for business this weekend. Maybe i can spare some time at night hours.