Torrifying Redox Communications

How much Redox is good to act with Torrifying its communications?

Or even maybe I2P it.

I would love that. Though I don’t think it would happen anytime done or at all.

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well you can try to torrify Redox outside of it (no need to rebuild Tor for redox) , which mean using Redox + Whonix GW in a virtual machine like virtualbox or kvm or xen/qubes.

but i tried to make Redox works inside Vbox , but sadly i havent succeeded with that. maybe if there is a documentation showing that or so that would be useful.

Right now the biggest thing would be to compile tor. Though because I don’t know the state of relibc I don’t know how easy that task will be.

Yeah true, but atm if Redox by anyhow can be on top of Qubes templates it will be very easy to get torified without the need of Tor existent within redox itself. We got great chat in Mattermost Redox about that , hope to see it happening soon.