Toolchain version bump?

Hi, I use redoxer to check that my code stays compiling on Redox, but it seems like the toolchain that’s distributed on is slightly out of date; 1.47 vs the most recent stable 1.52. Would someone be able to bump that? I’d like to use e.g. min_const_generics without requiring a #![cfg_attr(target_os = "redox", feature(...)] in my crate.

I’m trying to work on this but I’m getting an error 500 from gitlab when I try to open the MR. Also I sent an email to asking to join the chat but I never heard back, would someone be able to look at that? That’d probably be an easier way of fixing this.

I’ve got this fully working - can compile all of redox with a patched rust 1.54-dev 2021-05-24 - I’d just like some guidance on how I should go about opening MRs or whatnot.

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Ah, ok, the llvm-project MR is working: redox-os/llvm-project!1