Rewriting the Book

It seems like every post about Redox these days is full of comments:

  • These guys are immature
  • They don’t know what they are doing
  • Their book claims they are better than everything
  • Etc.

I am going to rewrite the book, toning down things and trying to add more constructive, technical content


It is changed now, check it out:

I don’t think a full rewrite is necessary (nor can I see you have done so), but for sure it was set bluntly, and I am sorry for the harsh wording. So :thumbsup: .


docs are always an ongoing effort.
I’m a redox-newbie (but a unix-admin-veteran).
Being in the process of trying things out i could try to enhance the documention on the rail i’m following.

a) would it help to give you my improvement-proposals for the book?
b) if yes: how?
b1) clone doc-git,
b2) change relevant markdown-file
b3) ??? do we really need the whole git fork-rebase-pull-request dance here?