Rewriting the Book

It seems like every post about Redox these days is full of comments:

  • These guys are immature
  • They don’t know what they are doing
  • Their book claims they are better than everything
  • Etc.

I am going to rewrite the book, toning down things and trying to add more constructive, technical content


It is changed now, check it out:

I don’t think a full rewrite is necessary (nor can I see you have done so), but for sure it was set bluntly, and I am sorry for the harsh wording. So :thumbsup: .


docs are always an ongoing effort.
I’m a redox-newbie (but a unix-admin-veteran).
Being in the process of trying things out i could try to enhance the documention on the rail i’m following.

a) would it help to give you my improvement-proposals for the book?
b) if yes: how?
b1) clone doc-git,
b2) change relevant markdown-file
b3) ??? do we really need the whole git fork-rebase-pull-request dance here?

Hi your best bed is to email the team to get added to their matter most chat.

“The quickest and most open way to communicate with the Redox team is on our chat server. Currently, you can only get an invite by sending an email request to, which might take a little while, since it’s not automated. Simply say you’d like to join the chat. We’re working on an better way to do this, but this is the best way right now.”