Reviving the Redox OS Discourse


The Redox OS Discourse has been on life support for a while. The options were to cut it, or to revive it. I have decided to revive it, as it is an open-source self-hosted forum with a lot of value.

I have been working on creating categories and moving topics into them. I welcome any feedback into how to make the Discourse more interactive and useful. We will move many discussions from GitHub and Reddit to here.



This is really great news!



I listened to your interview talking about the forum. I have to agree that its a bit unfortunate how things went in the past. But i really do think that its not the right way to channel every interaction through github or mattermost. We need a place for People to interact without having a strong background in Rust or software development at all. We need the distinction between “User” and “Developer” (or anybody who likes digging code). I thinks what Rust did with “internal” and “user” is not the worst way. Regardless of how we handle things (i really like mattermost) a place for regular users needs to exist. I think the greatest problem in the past until today was, that Redox did not have too many “regular users” so the forum is often very empty and mixed with “dev people”. But i think we need to establish such a place regardless of how many users are there today to use it. Time will come and if there is a certain amount of people using it, it runs by itself. Until then we need to be “prepared”



Arch is a model for successful, loosely organized information via its forum and wiki. Purely for reference:

I’m new. I just got it built last week. But I’ll mention my other favorite thing in Redox: this week in redox



I would suggest reducing the scope of the forum to only user and support questions, because there are not many other places to handle these cases.

I would I would build the community around the website, reddit, the chat and of course github issues.

Reddit is just more fun, and interesting stuff floats to the top, so people have a more positive experiance on first landing there.

I would change the website to only link to the forum if people click on ‘support’.



to revive forum you have to fill it with useful information (instead of just newbie questions) and actively ask people to help to do it

forum should be the central place to aggregate and store long-term content, somewhat like wiki and stackoverflow

periodic extraction/archiving of related, important and interesting discussions from chat/twitter

cross-posting/-linking to the topics here from reddit and github