RedoxOS as a gaming console operating system

Would Redox make a good foundation for a game console OS like Xbox One or Nintendo Switch?

Apparently the Switch is pretty much llvm

I really hope so, I mean it should be so simpler to hardware companies to start from a solid codebase and focusing their time on hardware support (drivers).

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Is there any work in progress on this topic?

Getting things up and running is probably a high priority right now. That said, making a console into a computer sounds like a good idea.

From what I have heard, Redox uses a microkernel whereas GNU/Linux uses the monolithik kernel. The thing is that monolithik kernels are slightly faster than microkernels. So yes if you want your console to be secure, Redox is the way to go, but I think a GNU/Linux would be better for gaming consoles. PLus you can switch out the Linux kernel and replace it with Linux-zen kernel, which is supposed to be more performant

I wonder if the humble e-reader might be a good candidate for Redox - there are loads of Kobo and Kindle devices out there, many sitting in drawers and rather under-utilised - and a compact, efficient system such as Redox might breathe new life into them.