Redox Security and drivers?

Thinking about making a distro on redox-base…

How is redox in terms security in comparison to linux?

How redox handles drivers? I was told that it’s going to be deal breaker for most users assuming experience with linux.

What schedulers are supported and used?

Anything else i should know about redox?

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Redox is not ready to be the base of a serious distro. Each release is not guaranteed to be backwards compatible in any way. If the universe explodes, don’t sue us. We don’t have any alternative window managers or anything.

That said, it’s exciting to see you interested in redox. It should have less security issues than linux since it is written in a memory safe language, as well as the kernel being much, much, smaller and maintainable.

Drivers exist mostly for compatibility for the virtual machine I think, and probably won’t work with most new hardware (correct me if I’m wrong).


I’ve thought about this before. For me there are a couple of hurdles.
-drivers (lack of USB support is a big one)
-not self hosting
-right now relibc is under heavy development. and this will allow a greater array of software to be ported over and allow self hosting (being able to compile llvm)

I was playing around the other day and seen Mesa in the filesystem.toml file. This is encouraging to see. It’s a ways out but I would like to see wayland ported over allowing more flushed out desktop to be ported. Though this still have the problem of a lack of graphic drivers.

ty for info, helpful.

I’m looking for project to perfect my rust so i give it a shot.

Any info about file hierarchy used on redox? In theory i can port portage on it?

For the most part redox follows the unix/linux filesystem layout. Depending on how far your technical knowledge goes, relibc could use the help. That’s what will allow self hosting and ease the porting of a larger set of c applications. Relibc can also run under linux.

Yes, but it might be a bit of work. The redox book talks about porting/packaging applications. To my knowledge everything builds against new libc for now, with the hope of replacing it with relibc once it matures a bit more.

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