Redox on Raspberry PI development

Despite my complete lack of knowledge and very limited experience with OS development, I’m gonna take a stab at Redox on ARM thing.

The first thing I note is that, by reference, I only see the following modules (from arch) being used by the rest of the kernel. I need to know if this is accurate:

  • time
  • memory
  • context
  • interrupt
  • USER_GRANT_OFFSET (not sure what this is…)
  • paging
  • goblin elf parsing?

My general idea is to write these objects up as rust trait’s, and try to implement the same functions as the x86 side. (I think traits will be a bit cleaner than the alternative, which is obviously no trait’s :).

A couple of questions:

  • Have I missed anything?
  • Is the rest of the x86 code used only by these objects, or is there some strange way to call this code from userspace?
  • Does all this extra x86 code need to be in a ‘pub use’ in the file? Do we need ‘pub use acpi’ for example?



That’s great! Are you already aware of arch_arm? I don’t know the status of this, but it looks like it would be useful for you.

Also, I have been presenting the potential of Redox around in the context of IoT and feedback shows that there is interest, as a Redox-style OS would solve a number of IoT-related problems that Linux cannot solve. So I’m definitely interested in seeing how this progresses.

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Sat, Oct 15, 2016

    11:09 AM         

I guess an arm port basically would require updating to have everything found in

    11:09 AM

And probably writing a couple drivers too

hey folks,

is somebody working on this? i really want to contribute and also know the status of the project with the idea of porting on raspberry pi.


Someone is working on ARM support, yes. Join the mattermost chat and talk with microcolonel

@jackpot51Thank you! How am I joining the chat? Do I need an invite? ta

Send an email to

Is it working on rpi4? I’m new to Redox (and CS in general) and I just bought a raspberry 4. I thought instead of playing around in a VM, I could play around with it on hardware.
I’d be fine with just bare basics OS, with cargo and ssh working.

Sorry if my ignorance is disturbing

Hi all! What a coincidence! I would write a thread if there was a redox version on raspberry-pi. and there is this topic open: redox-os in raspberry-pi