Redox entry on

Hello folks. There is a new community-managed website at that tries to improve the general public awareness about open-source microkernel-based operating systems. The idea to create such a website was inspired by which promotes unikernels.

Since Redox is a microkernel, it would be great to have it enlisted at, too.

To give you a bit of a background: On one hand, the various microkernel projects technically compete between each other. But on the other hand, the overarching idea of the microkernel-based design and its benefits should be above our individual differences and quarrels. The microkernel design in all its various forms is worth spreading collectively by our open source community (again, similarly to what the unikernel community is trying to do in their domain). In the interest of full disclosure, I personally work on HelenOS, but I follow the development of Redox very closely.

Sounds nice! Your project looks very cool.

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Thank you. It’s great to see the Redox entry at already. Welcome to the club!