[Question] Using RedoxOS as a base

Hello there!

RedoxOS seems to be one of the most ambitious OS projects I have seen so far, and it gets me really excited! That’s why I have a question.
Is it possible now to use parts of ReduxOS to easily create simple operating systems (e.g. terminal ones)? What parts of the project would I need? Only kernel, or maybe more?


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As I see it, RedoxOS already is an (in-progress) complete operating system, with kernel, GUI, drivers, programs etc.

What you might refer to are distributions (like Linux distributions, which package different parts together and give them different flavors). IMO, It is too early for RedoxOS to consider differentiation into various distributions.

But if you do not like the GUI part and only want a terminal system or remote-login system for example, it might be possible to leave away the orbital recipe from the build.

You can customize your build using the cookbook and add remove various recipes.

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Shouldn’t it be possible to just clone the kernel and perhaps some other essentials, and build from that?

Yes it would be possible, if your willing to put the effort in. The easiest way to get started would be to edit the filesystem.toml and strip out everything but the bare essentials. To see what is there and what you want to add. Though keep in mind compiler support is limited for redox right now.

Would you still contribute back to the kernel and essentials core utilitys?