Question about future direction

I hope this question doesn’t sound like yet another “wish list” item, because I’d really like to know: Assuming Redox continues to improve and expand its user base, is a native C/C++ compiler in the roadmap at all?

I know that it would be more in keeping with the spirit of Redox to write all software in Rust, but there are hundreds of millions of lines of C and C++ code out there. Take PERL, just as one example… that would be handy to have in Redox… but who would want to rewrite that much code in a new language, when PERL in C already works quite well?

I like Rust and my interest in the language led me here to Redox, and I’m sure encouraging the use of Rust and getting a Rust compiler working under Redox takes much higher priority, naturally, but I must ask, the idea of a C/C++ compiler must at least have been considered for the future, no?

Or perhaps the Redox kernel is aiming for binary compatibility, so an external C/C++ compiler could be used instead of a native one? More than just adding a wish-list request, I’d like to know about this issue so I can understand Redox’s approach and plans for the future.

Iirc Redox can run GCC and there is a GCC cross compiler for Redox

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Is there some documentation describing this? So the system calls required by GCC are all fulfilled by the Redox kernel?

I know it seems like I’m obsessed with compiling C, but I’m not, I’m just trying to grasp what the Redox environment is like /slash/ will be like.

Meanwhile of course Redox will have great Rust support, there is nothing saying it won’t support C and other languages. There are already a few C software in the cookbook, like curl and bash.

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