Programs that are usable in Redox

I am new to rust (and programming in general), so unaware about the general way things go with OS and things.
Since Redox is an OS in development i was wondering what kind of applications does it support… If i wanted to get a program that’s available on… say Ubuntu would i have to build from Source?
Like GIMP, Octave, Mayavi, mpv, or some CLI program.
I read the documentation but couldn’t figure much out as am a novice… please help.

Yes, be ready to build from source and to pay attention. You’ll want to see what breaks and where, and maybe you can fix it to make it work!

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Hey! Thanks for responding!
That sounds fair, it would be good learning experience.
Though I would probably wait a bit before Redox is more developed, as i don’t think i’ll be able to handle it currently.
Hope I can get it by summer next year!! (I’ll be fantasizing till then!)

Actually Redox can run dozens of programs (some with compilation errors, we are working to restore self-hosting), you can see all Redox components/programs here: