Overview of the Redox communication infrastructure

Hey there! If you’re confused where to post/ask questions, this list will try to help!

  1. You have a simple, practical question (e.g. “I can’t compile Redox, what to do?”, “[…] crashes, how can I fix that?”, etc.), you can ask it in #redox at irc.mozilla.org. This is the easiest, quickest way to get in touch with the developers. Note that it is not limited to questions, anything, that has to do with Redox, is welcome there!

  2. If you have a more complex question, PSA, criticism, comment, etc. (eg., “How can I port my program to Redox?”, “Redox needs documentation”, “How can a Rust newbie contribute to Redox?”, “My game now runs on Redox!”), you should open a topic in this forum.

  3. If you have a blog post, an interesting thing to say, etc. (e.g., “NixOS script to setup a redox instance. Cool!”, “I-beam cursor in Redox!”, etc.), you should cross post it to /r/redox.

  4. If you want to contribute to Redox, you should drop me a PM to get an invite to our Mattermost chat, which we use for internal discussions.