Modyfing Orbital

I want to fork orbital and I want to modify the DE’s UI. When modifying the UI, is it easy to modify (kinda like editing a website’s looks via JavaScript) or is it all low level code?

And where do I modify and all?

firstly, it entirely depends of what you want the end-result to be

to simply change main colors you’d only need to edit

but anything beyond will be quite difficult for a beginner: basically everything is “hard coded”, to meet bare needs in this stage of the project.

if you have some particular idea or sketch of how things should look like, feel free to share :smiley:

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Oh damn :frowning:

Is it possible to compile awesomeWM and just use my own configs in Redox?

haha :joy:


there is alot of work should be done before a 3rd-party tiling wm can be simply compiled and instantly become functional

this includes a rewrite of it into rust (awesomewm is in C & Lua)

take a look at some other implementations:

and generally just start tinkering with OrbTk if you want to get into (Redox) GUI coding

Sorry disregard my last comment.

I thought Redox is POSIX compliant, that means that you can compile it and run it in Redox?

POSIX is not the only OS-level API AwesomeWM needs to function :sweat_smile:

but feel free to try things out, experiments and practice are the only way forward

just dont forget to make backups :joy: