Micro-ui(Decentralized, distributed, modular and modifiable graphical interface of Redox-os) and micro-kernell


I have an amazing idea, which I call a micro-ui. The idea of a micro-ui is close to the idea of a micro-kernell, with the difference that the micro-kernell is for redox-os and the micro-ui is for the graphical interface of redox-os

Currently there are two projects called: block protocol and web-components. Both the block protocol and the web-components pattern are responsible for distributing different visual components on the web, this is done because there is a place where these visual components are saved and stored.

The interesting thing about these two projects is that you can reuse the visual components for any project. Regarding componentization and reuse, I believe that we should adopt this standard so that anyone can develop a graphical interface and distribute it in an isolated, separate, modular, decentralized way to any program redox-os.

The advantage of this is that this would be the micro-ui that I mentioned initially, something similar to microkernel but for the graphical interface.

Another advantage is that you can update the graphical interface components without having to manipulate the entire system to do so.

This would be interesting, because we can offer a site where with visual models the people develop, improve, reuse or receive a monthly or annual donation to improve the graphical interface of redox-os independent of any operating system

You could port this software to Slint/Iced toolkits, it will run on Redox without modifications.