Is the OS development as dead as this forum?

I had high hopes for this operating system. I check the forum quite frequently also. I am learning Rust myself. Where is this development going? Would I be better off learning BlogOS?

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i greadly wait for ion-shell

There’s a banner telling you this forum isn’t very active, the devs use a Mattermost chat you can access by contacting
I think the development is slower than usual since Jeremy Soller (the main dev) is having a hard time atm with the linux community which can be a bit demotivating.

@brochard Could you elaborate why Jeremy is having a hard time with the Linux community?

Some drama (with Gnome devs, in Linus Tech Tips videos…)

About two weeks ago I sent an email to the address in the banner as I came here seeking some advice on building Redox (i.e. I can’t) but haven’t heard anything back, is there much going on still?

The problem I’ve had seems to relate to the ID referenced in the latest commit on gitlab (Update kernel and relibc (7ccc6b32) · Commits · redox-os / redox · GitLab) and corresponds almost exactly (or was at least very similar, I don’t have the logs as this was two weeks ago) with the message in the pipeline failure:
Pipeline · redox-os / redox · GitLab

fatal: remote error: upload-pack: not our ref 0ab4529eaade334d2c6b5d663e6d9e0165cae0f5
Fetched in submodule path 'kernel', but it did not contain 0ab4529eaade334d2c6b5d663e6d9e0165cae0f5.

Is there anyone around that can help with either of these?

He accepted requests on november 23rd, if you asked after that date I guess you have to wait a bit.
I can’t help you with your problem sorry

Thanks for replying, I’ll guess I’ll just sit tight in the meantime.

You can follow the Redox development on these links: